Ten years after planting the seed, what does it take for Nakamoto’s tree to flourish?

ICO is dead, long live Crypto

In the fiat wasteland soil of the financial crisis of 2008, a wise Japanese TreeMaker named Nakamoto planted an ingenious seed. A new tree was born, and He called the root: Bitcoin. He predicted that the tree would grow the money of the future. He believed that new strong trees would rise from the seeds of the flowers.

In the first years, nobody saw the tree growing, but almost ten years later, Christmas 2017, the tree miraculously started expanding to the sky. Around that time, hundreds of ICO-seeds started blossoming, creating worldwide attention and receiving many tokens of appreciation. The tree seemed there to stay, with bitcoin firmly rooted in the ground, and in its vicinity some younger sprouts coming up with strange names like ETH or XRP. But in the summer of 2018, the flowers started to fade, followed by more and more weaker ones falling from the tree. Autumn came, with only the most redundant ICO flowers still giving their beauty to the world. It was at the beginning of winter that something strange happened. Some people decided to take a branch out of the tree and plant it again, hoping to grow another even better Bitcoin tree. The initial tree shrank rapidly and winter winds started to shake the branches. Was the money of the future doomed a certain unavoidable death? The wise Treemaker looked at his creation, nodded his head and asked himself: “What is needed to make the tree healthy again?”